How and why of Aweplus

My wife has been a hairdresser most of her life, I was looking at the way she ran things one day and most importantly the costs involved. It surprised me how much she was paying for a simple program that still did not meet all her requirements. It lacked in many areas but predominantly in availability when she was out and about doing hair styling at peoples houses or at the local hospital. It also lacked the ability to promote her services and products online and lets face it we all do a large amount, and growing, of our information gathering and shopping online, but you know that or you wouldn't even be reading this.

So the Aweplus idea was born. With my over 15 years of website design experience combined with the odd help from my 23 year old son who is an IT professional the Aweplus system was developed and keeps on being developed.

Even better we custom design both the look and feel of your Aweplus system to reflect you and your business, it is not just an out of the box generic one fits all product and that reflects us we are not like everyone else we want to see your business grow to beyond it's full potential.

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