Aweplus will get you started for free .

First month of aweplus is totally free

Thats right we will set up the Aweplus system and you get to use it for the first month for free.

We are totally confident that you will love the Aweplus system that the first month will be totally free, with no strings attached. At any time you can pull out and there will be no fee to pay.

Every seventh year is free.

Everyone loves a holiday, so we have decided to give you a payment holiday every seventh year. Yes you get free use of the Aweplus system for a whole year every seventh year.

First month free...

Pay for use for 6 years...

1 year free...

Pay for 6 years...

1 year free...

and on for as long as use Aweplus

Your next step

The only system requirement is an internet capable device. Of course the faster the better for you so we recommend a minimum of a broadband connection for your main access

Check out our demo salon software site here, but first a few things you might need to know.

When you first go in you will not be an admin so store will be as a visitor to your online web site.

Click on admin link at bottom of page, username = admin , password = password . Log in and you are now in the advanced admin area, only available to high level admin's. Click on STORE link at bottom of page to go back to store to see the in store view of your system. Feel free to do anything you want anywhere we can undo anything you do if required. Remember other people may be trying out at the same time as you. You can get back to advanced admin by clicking admin link at bottom of page again.

Demo business Store for you to try out

We also have a different style demo store here.

Also visit a functioning Hairdressing Salon here

AnotherVeratious website.