The complete business management system

For business of all types and sizes

Aweplus is a complete management system for clinics, salons, practices and any business operator that takes appointments, sells product, likes to save time and get new customers...

Our business management software can work with businesses of any size, from a 1 person business right the way through to a multi store setup. It can grow with you as your business grows. We are with you all the way, changing both your website and in store software as you have new needs arise.

Website and in store system combined.

Our system combines both a website and in store software solution for you. You have the advantage in online sales, as you enter stock movements in your store it is directly updated on your website. You can gain a greater customer base, the web site is the number one source of information these days, will prospective clients find you there?

Custom designed to suit you and your style

Everybody is different, but you know that, you are dealing with clients every day and each one unique. We design a web site and software system that suits you and your unique business. Remember there is no setup fee for this.

Works anywhere

Sometimes you need to access your customer information from places other than your main business location. Aweplus is available to you from almost any internet capable device, smart phone, tablet, laptop. If you are mobile at any time you can take your entire database with you or even access it from your clients computer.

Brings new customers

What is the best form of advertising you can get?

Your customers telling other people how good you are. So why not encourage your customers to do just that. Aweplus has a built in affiliate system that will pay your customer every time someone they referred spends money with you. Set in the demo at 5% it can be any amount you desire. Your current customers will be even more encouraged to spread the good word. More customers for you, means an ever increasing business. Of course, as with all Aweplus functions, this is totally optional, we can turn it off if you don't require it.

Weekly rental means no big up front payments

We have a weekly charge of only NZ$15 (plus GST in NZ) per store. No setup fee. No upgrade fee. If you want to own your domain name then your domain registrar will have an annual charge, otherwise we take care of that to. No hidden costs, anywhere.

Free support and free upgrades

Most business owners want their business to grow. As your needs change we will change both your web site and in store system for no extra charge. We also have a free support team that can help you when thing just don't seem right, in New Zealand via our 0800 number or via our email system.

Free business management software

With Aweplus you get the first month for free. PLUS you get every seventh year for free.

Details on your free business management software

Your next step

The only system requirement is an internet capable device. Of course the faster the better for you so we recommend a minimum of a broadband connection for your main access

Check out our demo site here, but first a few things you might need to know.

When you first go in you will not be an admin so store will be as a visitor to your online web site.

Click on admin link at bottom of page, username = admin , password = password . Log in and you are now in the advanced admin area, only available to high level admin's. Click on STORE link at bottom of page to go back to store to see the in store view of your system. Feel free to do anything you want anywhere we can undo anything you do if required. Remember other people may be trying out at the same time as you. You can get back to advanced admin by clicking admin link at bottom of page again.

Demo Store
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